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Listener Feedback [Jun. 4th, 2006|09:59 am]
Alpha Counter Online Radio Show LJ Community


[mood |creative]

Here's something you guys can file under "Bonus Material". Since I wasn't going to be on this past episode, I thought I'd try to be part of the show, at least in spirit. So I wrote out a gag listener feedback letter. Here's how it went:

From: thegreyghost @ tsncentral.com
Date: Friday, June 02, 2006 6:14 PM
To: alphacounter @ tsncentral.com
Subject: Listener Feedback

Dear Alpha Counter Guys,

Your show licks balls. Whoever let these two homos on the air clearly must be inbred. One of them sounds like an epileptic monkey with turrets syndrome while the other sounds like he not only fell off the short bus, but got run over by it. What sense does it make to base a show around a game genre that isn't even covered by their own network? Street Fighter games haven't been hot since the last time The Simpsons was funny. And that episode about porn; was that a sweeps week?

As an avid listener of internet radio, I'm outraged. I will certainly never allow Alpha Counter to be played in my home, nor my friends. This show will be my inspiration to campaign people never upgrade from dailup.


-The Grey Ghost

PS - Where's Bridger?

Unfortunately, I don't think Matt caught the gag, because his only reply was "Uh...what?" Ah, well. I thought it would be funny.