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Alpha Counter Post-Pwn3d This Week [Jun. 3rd, 2006|06:47 pm]
Alpha Counter Online Radio Show LJ Community


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Yeah, this will be the first week that Alpha Counter will not go on air in some form. For myself, I've just been beaten down by my work and haven't been able to work on anything creatively. Borderline burnt out. So this weekend, I'm trying to relax as much as possible to regroup and unwind.

Matt was cool with trying to go on without me. I was kinda curious to see how he'd do solo. Before we went on air for the first time, we did a couple test episodes, one of which was of me hosting the show by myself, as a means of preparing for the case of Matt calling out one week. So I know how I'd do solo. But Matt looked around for a temp co-host (possibly Bridger or Caemdare) to kinda fill the void. I'm cool with that, though. I'd be just as curious to see how that would go too. I'm just one where when I have to let go of the reigns of a project that I'm a part of, it's interesting to see where that project goes without my contribution.

Sadly, at the last minute, Matt was called away for an emergency run for his job. Ain't that a bitch? But as I know from my own job, it happens. So, bummer... But whenever we find a drawback to the show, I always want to make it up to the audience. Kinda like how for the last week we couldn't be on, in addition to a "Best Of" show, I made sure that we contributed brand new material in the form of new commentaries from Matt and myself as well as a brand new rant that I had produced. For this week, I want to promise the audience that next week, we'll come back and fill up an extended 2 hour show. I think that by then I'll have rejuvenated enough and put together enough material to make it worth while.

See you next week, folks!

[User Picture]From: d3lu5i0nz
2006-06-04 12:06 am (UTC)
booo! alrighty xD guess i can watch the basketball game =D!

Next time u need a host... u COME TO chau cuz YEAH and then i'll be the special guest =D! i'll even talk in fob cuz i can
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[User Picture]From: thegreyghost
2006-06-04 12:10 am (UTC)
Sadly, you'd have to beat out both Adv3nt and neoPL in American Gladiator's style, since they'd kill for that chance too.

There's a contest: Who's the bigger fanboy?
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[User Picture]From: d3lu5i0nz
2006-06-04 12:58 am (UTC)
obviously MEEEEEEEEEEE! like come on.. who's a FOB and listens to Alpha Counter like every week =]! yeah thats meee!

nevar i'll beat them, i'll pull some fob ninja thing
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